And again New year. And again the question: What to wear to a New Year 2012 party? In a sense it is very hard to give a right one-box advice for each and every girl, cause all girls are unique. But in this article I’ll try to find some nice New Year 2012 trends for the beat night out wear.

First of all goes a black dress. This is a really multipurpose womenswear. Weddings, funerals, cocktail parties, dates, meetings, corporate parties – all these fits the little black dress, which can make you a goddess of fine shape. To mind the only exception is a family dinner (espesially with your boyfriend’s parents) where people want to see you warm and fuzzy but not a femme fatale. Chose this gorgeous dress for New Year 2012 party and don’t forget to put on some eye-catching jewelry in the palette like that.



By the way, have you known this dress was designed by Channel 86 year before?

If you are not kin on dresses and skirts, then you can choose a pants suit: elegant black or some of bold colors. Remember one important thing: NY is a legal day for spangles and sparkles, in another case your costume would turn into boring officewear.

These were my ideas for What to wear to a New Year 2012 party. Hope you liked them. As for me I decided to put on some sexy corset dress, like that if my boy takes me to the restaurant. If it is a party with our friends I’ll better put on cool skin-tight jeans and bright-colored jacket.


Enjoy yourself and your clothes during the New Year party 2012!

Love you, FashionJane.


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