70s inspired flare jeans are on the fashion wave again. We can see it both on the catwalk and on celebs. Casual hippies or glam disco dancers – with the flare jeans and right accessories you can create different wardrobes and styles. Thus, ladies, let’s get in flare jeans and learn what to wear with flare jeans to have a perfect look.

What to wear with flare jeans – Shirts

A perfect match of flare jeans and a pastel shade button down blouse can give you that fresh spring style. And some added color will polish you look to up to date. For example, it can be a pair of bright shoes.

What to wear with flare jeans – Shoes

Colorful leather thong sandals are the best choice for wearing with your flare jeans. It really doesn’t matter whether it is platform or high heel. The color is the only thing that matter. So pick the bright one. Canary, hyacinth and poppy are preferable. But try to avoid wearing flare jeans with ballet pumps.

What to wear with flare jeans – Colors


Talking about the color I can’t help mentioning the flare jeans’ color itself. Stop now! Be especially careful not to do an ill service to your … toosh. Right jeans color can make you visually thinner as well as bad color will plus you few kg. Light colored (grey, blue, white) flare leg pants will make your figure more feminine and forms – plumper. This is perfect for skinny girls who want to show that they also have something that man can feel up. Wearing black or dark blue flare denim can give you some mysterious chic and hide the plus kilos if it is needed. Short women with a pear shape should also wear flare jeans to balance the figure. Short flare, makes your legs longer. Here the matter of the fact lies in the occasions you wear you flares jeans on.

What to wear with flare jeans – Occasions


Dinner or cocktails, date or shopping with girlfriends – remember that you should fit on different images. The greatest mistake women make is to follow dressing stereotypes. What to wear with flare jeans? Put on a sophisticated jacked with the classic gray flare jeans to your work office. A low cut sweater with a pair of white flare pants to the date and tank t-shirt with the dark blue flare jeans for shopping.

What to wear with flare jeans – Accessories

What to wear with flare jeans? Let’s ask celebs and see how they do it. Usually celebs pick interesting accessories to wear with their flare jeans. It can be a bright Reggie-style beret, or large handbag or canary color, or a knotted leather belt to pay attention to your belly.

So to answer the question what to wear with flare jeans you should just turn on your fantasy and turn off your shyness. Set experiments and create new images with FashionWearToday experts!

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