Tiny details are what makes women’s image full and attractive. And nails are one of those details which can either complete or ruin one’s stylish appearance. Although it’s just a small detail but when it comes to beauty and style, nicely applied manicure or on the contrary a botched one always attract attention.

Thus fabulous nails can influence one’s look in different ways. That’s why women go on spending large amounts of money on manicures, which will make great looking nails. To make sure your nails look great there are a number of techniques to follow nail tips. Below you’ll find the list of the most important nails tips. One doesn’t have to be an expert to have salon-style beautiful nails. There are just some simple rules or nail tips to fit into your daily routine and you’ll definitely achieve lots of admiration.

  • Firstly, the majority of women want to have longer cut nails, as it’s the expression of feminity. So if you wish to speed up your nail growth, be sure you get all the necessary vitamins as well as massage for nails and cuticles with some nourishing oils. This will accelerate and stimulate the nail growth.

  • Secondly, it’s important to choose the appropriate shape for your nails. At the moment, Stiletto shaped nails have become the hottest trend, but if oval or square shaped nails suit your hands better, go for them. It doesn’t mean that they are less fabulous or unpopular. And when filing your nails to give them a certain shape, try to go in one direction, otherwise it can cause nail breakage.

  • Thirdly, if you have a nail polish on your nails, there’s no need to remove it to reshape the nails. On the contrary, it’s safer to keep it on while filing, because the remover weakens the nails and makes them prone to breakage.

  • Another good advice is that if you want to have perfect and flawless looking nails, carry your polish with you. In case your manicure gets chipped you can always fix it.
  • If you have just finished applying the varnish on your nails and need to hurry, there is a simple way to dry your nails quicker. Just hold them under a jet of cold running water for 10 minutes and it will make the coats to dry sooner.
  • Speaking about the bad habit of biting nails, there are now special gel or acrylic nails to solve this problem, which are almost impossible to bite. So you’ll be able to say this bad habit a goodbye.

  • Another problem to overcome is yellowish nails. You can solve it by applying a base coat prior to applying your favorite polish. It will prevent the lacquer pigment from spreading to your nail.
  • If you want to have healthy nails, make sure you leave them for several days a month without a polish. They also need a rest and fresh air. Thus, they will regain healthy look and colour.

  • And the last tip to have beautiful nails; if you want to give your nails a longer look don‘t apply the polish on the sides. This will create an illusion of longer and thinner nails.

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