Ideal appearance, soft fairy skin, kempt hair and nails, all this is a supermodel daily work. And the more gorgeous she looks the more money she gets. So the best way to learn looking $1 000 000 is to ask a supermodel a couple of beauty tips.

Luckily, the majority of them are eager to share exclusive supermodels beauty tips. So check the way to look always perfect below!

To have ideal skin?


Here is Russian supermodel Masha Novoselova tip. Masha has a dry skin (especially after Fashion Week traveling) and so she implements hydrating masks to rejuvenize her dry skin.

I have this SK-II mask that I use a lot when I am traveling. It’s the best thing to hydrate your skin. I just put [it on] and then go to sleep! It really makes you feel fresh and hydrated.”

To have beauty lips?


For a model Esti Ginzburg moisturizing everywhere – even her lips – is also a key to the beauty.

“I personally think that moisture is the most important thing in every part of you’re body. When I’m traveling, my lips get very dry, so I bite off the top of a vitamin E capsule and rub it on my lips. You see results within a day!”

To live without eye puffiness?


Julie Henderson, Sports Illustrated model knows the answer how to get rid of puffiness and black circles under the eyes.

For my eyes I use two different things in the morning. Kiehl’s (is a premium American cosmetics brand retailer) helps with puffiness or black circles or just simple wrinkles. And I just discovered Meaningful Beauty eye cream by Cindy Crawford.”

To have velvet body?


Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio advices to hydrate yourself from the inside out. A person should drink about 2 liters of pure water per day. But if the water is tasty? It is only the advantage!

“Another thing I think is really great for your skin is coconut water. [It] has a lot of minerals, so it hydrates you a lot and it’s really delicious. The taste is incredible!

To have luxurious eyelashes?


Great-granddaughter of Ernest and daughter of Mariel, model Dree Hemingway is a real cosmetic product junkie. So now you need not try different cosmetics to find the best suitable for you. Just ask Dree Hemingway.

“For beauty, my must-haves are Kiehl’s face cream, which is my favorite. Also I just bought the new Givenchy mascara, which I’m really excited about because it has this really cool ball at the end which makes all glorious things happen with your lashes!”

To clean make up and repair skin at the same time?


To stay beautiful Frederique van der Wal hits the drugstore. Really the most natural products for your beauty you will find only there!

“I do love Nivea cream and I use it to clean my eye makeup. It’s soft, doesn’t sting, and does the job well.”\

To bleach the skin without damaging?


Victoria’s Secret model and the most sexiest woman today Karolina Kurkova hits the market… looking for a natural bleacher for skin!

“I squeeze a bit of lemon juice and wash my face with it. The acid kind of pulls everything out that wants to come out and dries everything out, so it’s not so glamorous, but you just shine!”

To take the beauty from nature?


Irina Pantaeva believes in Siberian beauty secrets. Being a Buryat girl she used all the natural products and even now she keeps things raw when it comes to beauty.

“I use Carol Alt’s Essentials line that she came up with. It’s all raw, organic. Coming from another part of the world in Siberia and Russia that’s how I grew up, using natural products.”

To peel the skin naturally?


Veronica Webb creates her own at-home facial peels from the nature products. Of course such peel you should use only once but the result is worth your pains!

“For an at-home alpha glycolic peel, blend the seeds of a papaya with an all-natural sugar-free Greek yogurt and smooth over your face and neck as a mask for 10 minutes. Pure radiance!”

To choose right make up color?

Cindy Crawford

The last tip is from the catwalk “monster” – supermodel Cindy Crawford. Cindy advices to be very attentive while choosing a makeup color. As she warns department store mirrors lie to you in most cases. So it is better not to trust it and bring your own little mirror to be sure of the color.

Make sure your foundation matches your skin. If you can, sample it and then go outside with a mirror, because a lot of times we get something in a store and then in real life it’s too orange or too yellow or too gray.”

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