How much has the role of women scarf in the cloak room changed? It is still just an element of warmth or all the same scarf turned into a stylish accessory and necessary subject of women’s wardrobe?

Types of Scarves

Scarves are worn in hot countries and countries with cold climates. In the south, where the climate is hot and dry, scarves wrapped around their heads, help to keep your hair clean, as it is a lot of dust in the dry air. Knitted scarves are worn in cold countries with a cap that would keep the throat and ears from hypothermia. It was also tied around the neck or head. But over time, this need has grown into a tradition and fashion. Therefore, the scarf has become a fashionable and stylish piece of clothing. With the help of a scarf you can put the emphasis on individual elements of your image; you can simply create an image. Yes, and you can wear a scarf not just on the neck and shoulders, head, but even at the waist or hips.

How to tie and wear a scarf

Scarf is knotted very easily. This is not a tie, which must be tied in a strict sequence. There are many options, how to tie a scarf. You can just wrap a couple of times around the neck and tie the ends in a simple knot, that the strength even to a child and is the most common option.  Especially since it is convenient to tie a scarf in winter, when knitted scarf is worn over clothing.

There is also a quite original version of the French site – that is, the sum scarf in half, wrapped around the neck and the ends are stretched into a loop, which was in addition.

However, there are many kinds of scarves today, not everyone fits this simple form of roping. Designers produce scarves for every style and taste – long and short, wide and narrow, silk, wool and cashmere. Each model requires a certain wardrobe and style, as well as its style of wearing, because the usual gray knitted scarf on your hips will look frankly absurd.

So, how can you tie a warm scarf?

There are more than a dozen options, how to tie a scarf, and they are universal and fit both men and women. If one simply wraps a scarf around her neck, others prefer the extravagant options roping scarves and so they are about ready to sit for hours in front of a mirror. So, some of the most common ways of roping scarves:

Simple and easy way to tie a scarf in French, as mentioned above.

Another simple but elegant way. Throw a scarf around the neck, the ends of the cross, and then one end of the scarf to miss in the ring, which was formed around the neck, and move the resulting node on one side.

Easy way-throw a scarf is around the neck and missed one end into a loop that would have formed a beautiful site.

Throw a scarf around the neck or wrap it in such a way that its ends were behind. Then you need to engage them in a neat knot. If one end, to extend through the top ring around the neck and the other – forward, then the node will be at the side, and the scarf will take quite an elegant look.

Simple and tasteful: throw a scarf so that would leave one end longer, and the long end to score on your shoulder.

A good way to thin and long scarf: throw a scarf around your neck so that the ends were left behind, and then twist the ends of the braid and tie a neat knot in front.

Excellent option for a long scarf: scarf tied up, as well as in the previous method, but the difference is that the ends overlap the side of the scarf, and not from behind. Then, one end longer than the other turns and turns elegant knot. This option is ideal for women.

Another option for women and for youth, and you can use a scarf with fringe. When the scarf is wrapped around the neck, one end of the short shrift on the chest and the second is passed down through the ring, which turned out.

With what and how and to wear a scarf – that’s up to your fantasy. Around the waist, a brooch pinned already tied up in a certain way, flavored, in a tone to the cap, with a tender, or conversely, bright colors. Designers are offering us countless variations for your own style and wardrobe. Perfect cashmere scarf, it’s greatly warms you in cold weather. Cashmere is gentle, soft, adds a certain style to your well and looks great with a coat.

Indians nobility benefited scarves from pashmina – wool of goats Capra Hircus. They are gentle and soft, but with an admixture of silk pashmina adds fabric additional softness and a special shimmer.

Always enjoyed a special love for all women scarf made of silk. Special elegant colors and patterns offered by designers today, offering a large selection from which to choose exactly what accentuate your toilet.

For casual image you can combine the scarf with a winter cap. Prefer something more subtle? Try to take beret. If you know how to knit, you will have more chances to choose the yarn and use it for knitting both sides of the image – as a scarf and pair to it.

Hollywood celebrities also like to wear scarves.

It is very nice to wear light scarf of crepe de chine during warm spring. These scarves can be of the manual work, which makes them very unique and valuable. Scarf is a perfect gift for any woman.

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