If you follow the fashion trends and you have prepared the right outfit for spring-summer 2011 season, then you must find out all details about spring-summer 2011 make-up trends to make your style complete. You can choose different make-up styles to pick out your certain mood and fashioned wear, you can surprise people by your new looks, make up is the same important to create correct imagination about your personality.

It goes without saying that you must choose the right colors for outstanding spring-summer 2011 make-up, the style of it must be good for your particular face features, only then your natural beauty will shine more attractively. How to make spring-summer 2011 make-up being sure what’s in and what’s out in the new trends – it is easy with some fresh ideas from world fashion podiums.

The lips preferred colors are really sexy in this season – red, hot pink, orange. The best choice is the matte version of those. Make your look pure and natural with the foundation and black mascara. As an option, you can use the eyeliner, but make sure it is white for the day and black for an evening style.

Natural make-up stays on top of popularity for women all ages and all face types. It doesn’t need too much effort from you to look natural and still you will have fashioned look and fabulous. With the help of concealer you can give perfect look to your skin, hiding all what you wish to, touch your cheeks with gentle blush, just to define it a little. Your lips are better to remain bare or you can put lipstick that has really natural color. Use mascara to emphasize your eyelashes, if you still wish to add some eyeshades, use just neutral colors. You will have trendy spring-summer 2011 make-up if you will choose natural look for the day time.

Make-up with bright eyes will add a lot of attention to your eyes. It is a special option for the evenings, if you will choose bold eyeshadows, like blue, pink, orange, green. All attention will be concentrated on your face and your magic eyes. But to get this effect you need to take care of flawless look of your skin. Get it with foundation and concealer. After that you can apply one of eyeshadow of your favorite bright color and do not forget to use black eyeliner for your upper lash line, apply mascara to complete your look. Your lips you can leave without lipstick or if you want to use one, the best choice will be red colored.

The spring-summer 2011 make-up trends say that smokey eye style remains in the list of favorites. It is not a surprise as it is beautiful and easy to make, there are a lot of possible variations with different colors. But for trendy look the best for you is to give preference to gray and black eyeshadow, also dark blue will suit well to make your eyes look enhanced.

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