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What to wear to a New Year 2012 Party

Dec.06, 2011

And again New year. And again the question: What to wear to a New Year 2012 party? In a sense it is very hard to give a right one-box advice for each and every girl, cause all girls are unique. But in this article I’ll try to find some nice New Year 2012 trends for the beat night out wear.

First of all goes a black dress. This is a really multipurpose womenswear. Weddings, funerals, cocktail parties, dates, meetings, corporate parties – all these fits the little black dress, which can make you a goddess of fine shape. To mind the only exception is a family dinner (espesially with your boyfriend’s parents) where people want to see you warm and fuzzy but not a femme fatale. Chose this gorgeous dress for New Year 2012 party and don’t forget to put on some eye-catching jewelry in the palette like that. Read More »

5 simple things you need to know to lose weight every day

Oct.21, 2011

5 simple things you need to know to lose weight every day

When it comes to the question on how to lose weight there are a lot of different diets and techniques to solve this problem. The best way to lose weight is to add some simple weight loss strategies to your daily routine. Reconsider your usual diet, find out which of the recipes help you lose some calories without any effort. There are some obvious factors which might help to drop more calories than expected, among them hunger, boredom or frustration and some others. The list of the the below-mentioned how-to-lose-weight techniques will let you rationalize your busy schedule losing some extra pounds and most importantly without torturing yourself and following poignant restrictive diets. Read More »

What to Wear with Flare Jeans – Women Fashion Tips

Oct.02, 2011

70s inspired flare jeans are on the fashion wave again. We can see it both on the catwalk and on celebs. Casual hippies or glam disco dancers – with the flare jeans and right accessories you can create different wardrobes and styles. Thus, ladies, let’s get in flare jeans and learn what to wear with flare jeans to have a perfect look.

What to wear with flare jeans – Shirts Read More »

Five plus-size swimwear tips

Aug.25, 2011

Five plus-size swimwear tips

Plus-size people are usually shy to appear on the beach during the high season because of their body shapes. That’s why they are waiting for the low season to come to the seaside. There would not be so many people staring at their big forms. But if you choose the right swimwear you won’t hide from other people. Here are some tips how to choose swimwear for plus-size figure.

Selecting swimwear is a shopping task that comes around year-after-year, but somehow never seems to get less difficult! If you’re faced with loading your suitcase and don’t yet have any swimwear to pack, here are a few tips to get the most out of your selection. Read More »

Top Tips for Healthy and Beautiful Nails

Aug.11, 2011

Tiny details are what makes women’s image full and attractive. And nails are one of those details which can either complete or ruin one’s stylish appearance. Although it’s just a small detail but when it comes to beauty and style, nicely applied manicure or on the contrary a botched one always attract attention.

Thus fabulous nails can influence one’s look in different ways. That’s why women go on spending large amounts of money on manicures, which will make great looking nails. To make sure your nails look great there are a number of techniques to follow nail tips. Below you’ll find the list of the most important nails tips. One doesn’t have to be an expert to have salon-style beautiful nails. There are just some simple rules or nail tips to fit into your daily routine and you’ll definitely achieve lots of admiration. Read More »

Best Mother’s Day Fashion Gifts

May.04, 2011

The Mother’s Day is coming and so many men have one but very important question: what to gift to Mom or to wife or girlfriend. Nobody knows the woman better except the other woman. So here am I to help our men with the right choice of the Best Mother’s Day fashion gifts. Read More »

How to make spring-summer 2011 Make-up

Mar.18, 2011

If you follow the fashion trends and you have prepared the right outfit for spring-summer 2011 season, then you must find out all details about spring-summer 2011 make-up trends to make your style complete. You can choose different make-up styles to pick out your certain mood and fashioned wear, you can surprise people by your new looks, make up is the same important to create correct imagination about your personality. Read More »

What Colors Should I Wear

Jan.14, 2011

Sometimes we choose the colors of the clothes intuitively. Someone would not want to put on the red, and someone does not like black and other cloudy colors. However, constantly avoiding bright colors, you are depriving yourself of the opportunity to lift the mood, make your life a little happier. Nobody said that it is necessary to shock others with garish attire, quite the same detail that will please you all day. For example, a yellow scarf will facilitate the flow of new ideas, and red will add vigor. Of course it is important that this accessory fits into the concept of your image. Read More »

What to Wear to a Job Interview

Jan.09, 2011

Success at work is very important. But often it is necessary to pass more than 1 interview in order to get your dream job. Thus a job search is logically related to professional development.

What to wear to a job interview? A positive result very often depends on what you wear to a job interview.

It is very difficult to give recommendations on the style of clothing and color solutions. But fortunately there are some general rules. Women’s clothing is much more a natural extension of their style than men’s. Every woman wants to be attractive, charming and sexy. But when you go to a job interview, you must define what you want to accentuate in your image. Read More »

How to Wear a Scarf

Jan.02, 2011

How much has the role of women scarf in the cloak room changed? It is still just an element of warmth or all the same scarf turned into a stylish accessory and necessary subject of women’s wardrobe?

Types of Scarves

Scarves are worn in hot countries and countries with cold climates. In the south, where the climate is hot and dry, scarves wrapped around their heads, help to keep your hair clean, as it is a lot of dust in the dry air. Knitted scarves are worn in cold countries with a cap that would keep the throat and ears from hypothermia. It was also tied around the neck or head. But over time, this need has grown into a tradition and fashion. Therefore, the scarf has become a fashionable and stylish piece of clothing. With the help of a scarf you can put the emphasis on individual elements of your image; you can simply create an image. Yes, and you can wear a scarf not just on the neck and shoulders, head, but even at the waist or hips. Read More »

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