This is not a secret that Tyra Banks has become a fashion icon for many women, both afro-americans and white. Her perfect wearing style, intuition and taste help her to combine clothes in a right way and to look fabulous.

She is not simply a model; she is an excellent actress, who makes even boring dress look brilliant on her body. The root of this lies in her attitude towards life, wearing style and of course in skillful impersonation. The last is the most important, as this is the main quality of a real model – to make dress talk!

All Tyra’s dresses talk. But the matter of fact is that they talk exactly the thinks Tyra wants! In this article we’ll try to master this amazing art and Tyra Banks’s wearing style.

Black color

Tyra likes black color. Black means gorgeous, austere and… makes you look slimmer.

Skin color

Tyra has wonderful bronze skin color. The best she can do is to emphasise it with the dress color. And so she does it by wearing golden and buff.

Slinky dresses for red carpet

The best way to show all the sweet forms of your fabulous figure is to fit them close.

Formal style

The best decision for formal occasions is a pantsuit. Tyra Banks knows it all right and chooses elegant and at the same time peculiar pantsuits.

Casual style

Tyra is fond of jeans. Usually she wears them for casual occasions. Jeans are perfect for her fine legs. Fitted, bell-shaped and narrowed all look fantastic!

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