Natalie Portman is definitely one of today’s most talented actresses. Millions of people all around the world admire her classic beauty, charisma and perfect sense of style. Whatever Natalie Portman is dressed in, she always looks elegant, graceful, feminine and at the same time, very natural.

What makes Natalie Portman wearing style so unique? It is her ability to wear proper things for every occasion. She prefers classic silhouettes and modest, knee-length dresses. Because of her admirable taste, she has been called new Audrey Hepburn.

You’ll never see her dressed in leather; she prefers fabric bags and vegan shoes. Casual Natalie Portman style is pretty simple and comfy; she chooses jeans, Converse sneakers, plain T-shirts and tank tops without frills. In order to make an everyday look more chic, she wears big round sunglasses or dangly earrings and necklaces.

When Natalie puts on a fabulous dress for a red carpet event, she prefers not to overload her look with massive jewelry and limits it to minimum. Usually she doesn’t wear a necklace and the only accessory you can often notice is small earrings. Even though Portman wearing style often includes monochrome pieces, this celebrity never was color shy, she can put on a rainbow-colored dress easily.

She doesn’t break her rule to be natural when it comes to make up and hear. Usually she wears her hair long and slightly curled. Rosy cheeks and smoky eyes are the final touches to her glamorous look. Natalie Portman doubtlessly deserves to be called a fashion icon.

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