Dress of Lady Gaga made of chunks of meat declared as the most iconic attire of the year according to the British Internet portal MyCelebrityFashion.co.uk. The honor went to the singer by a vote of visitors.

I recall that Lady Gaga accustomed to shock the audience with her eccentric outfits, came to the ceremony MTV Video Music Awards this year in a dress, boots and hat, sewn together from pieces of meat.

This controversial outfit of Lady Gaga angered the animal rights activists, but many colleagues of Gaga stood on her side. So, the singer Cher for example stated that she considers Lady Gaga’s outfit of most stunning dress, which she had ever seen. “It drew worldwide attention. What else should important for the star? “- said the pop diva, who herself appeared at the ceremony in a transparent dress, decorated with precious stones.

The very same Gaga said that did not want to insult anyone by herd dress – just decided to find “alternative” model dresses from renowned designer and chose the “meat” outfit, because it is “cool.”

Dress  of Kate Middleton  from Reiss Issa, in which she was at the ceremonial announcement of her engagement to Prince William, took in the ranking the second place, while third place belongs to Victoria Beckham in one of her numerous mini-dresses.

Apart from them in the rating were included Cheryl Cole, Katy Perry, the heroine of Sarah Jessica Parker  Carrie Bradshaw, Leighton Meest and Emma Watson.

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