Lancome and Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. Now she is In January this year she was named as the face of luxury beauty brand Lancome. The Lancome are making a big success since Julia Roberts came on board and that’s why they proposed her a $50 million deal for further 5 years. According to experts Lancome made profit of $100 million since she joined the and they are delighted with her and with new agreement they are going to beat this record.

As Julia Roberts said: “It’s kind of like every girl’s dream, really. To be 42 and have 3 kids and be a working mother, it’s a great moment to be asked to do this and to be able to do it.” And Yousef Nabi the Lancome’s CEO also revealed that Julia is interested to work closely with brand and added “Julia really wants to be involved in the development of products.”

I think this contract will benefit to both side.

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