Charlize Theron covers July's 2012 Easy Living magazine

A world-famous South African actress Charlize Theron has appeared on the Easy Living magazine cover, July 2012 edition. Looking as gorgeous as ever, the 36-year old actress glows in front of the camera lenses of a celebrity photographer Tom Munro. At the same time, she chats with the magazine about different vital problems, such as aging, friendship and love, her adopted son Jackson and else.

No wonder that all celebrities look fine on fashion magazine covers, but the truth is that aging is merciless and Charlize Theron confesses that she has also been affected by this process, as anyone else. She also says that the key to good shape is a constant work-out and there is no other way. Even though the actress complains to have gained some excessive weight, you can see that she has still got an impeccable physique, which is not the result of fine genes but quite a lot of sports.

Charlize Theron covers Easy Living magazine

Charlize has a really loaded schedule. First of all, she is a highly-talented and all-time demanded actress. Secondly, she has recently become a mom of her adopted son, so keeping a perfect timing isn’t easy at all. In spite of this she manages to exercise five days a week, including an incredibly rough yoga, cycling, running and lots of other things that she enjoys. After all, the actress looks as happy as ever, saying that her family and friends are the main reason of her blissful life and are the best people she has ever known.

Charlize Theron covers Easy Living magazine

One of the best things in this life in Charlize’s opinion is friendship and we should value and cherish this relations. The actress never takes any good attitude for granted and treats people surrounding her not if they are going to be there always but as if they are there for her today, and that’s her philosophy of life.

To read more of Charlize Theron’s interview, go to the Easy Magazine’s July 2012 issue.

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