Smoky Eye with Brown shadesToday the most popular make-up is smoky brown eye. You can see it on the A/W catwalks. It is very suitable for our women because they can repeat it at home. The models say it is more natural, easier to wear, softer but the most important fact is the look of woman becomes wiser.

Earlier I have written about how to make Smoky Eye effect with eye pencil Bourjois Smoky Eyes Trios. Today I wrote a little tutorial of How to make Smoky Eye with Brown shades.

There are some important advices how to create the smoky brown eyes.

1) You must choose three matte brown shades beginning from light to dark. The ideal result of perfect make-up is mix of these shades, of course it takes you a lot of time but it will be worth it. And the result of the ending work is beauty of women.

2) Choose a warm brown color and put it over the upper eyelid, bring it to the inner eye. Also apply the shade under the lash-line.

3) Find middle brown and apply it with the help of brash almost to the brow. Bring the tone under the brow beginning from the inner side of eye and ending in the temple. Take a clean brash and spread trying to make a smoky effect.

4) Take the dark brown or even chocolate color and apply it on outer corner of the eye. And add a little to the lower lid closer to the lash-line.

Try not to put any make-up on your face. Make a light blush and apply a pink lipstick on the lips. The women must not make the line on the lips. Remember that brown is the most popular color in present autumn and winter. That is why this shade exists in most collections of different designers. Our women must know that there are a lot of shades of brown color. They only must use imagination and blend the shade.

brown eye palette

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