This summer the catwalks and city streets will be invaded with fresh-faced, natural, pretty looks with fleshes of color and a soft magic finish to them.

Make-up trends summer 2010 include:

  • colorful eyeshadows
  • natural looking makeup
  • nude make up
  • disco make up

Colorful Eyeshadows trends summer 2010

This season colorful eyes are back but with a new found sophistication as opposed to last season. The neon brights of the ‘80s trend from winter are gone and an array of pastels are in blossom as seen on the Nicole Farhi and Dior shows.

You can reach the right effect by creating water colored eyes. Simply mix different colors together to make a colorful makeup. Apply blue, pink, and purple eyeshadows on one lid to recreate watercolor lids seen on the runway.

Natural Looking Make-up trends summer 2010

Natural Looking Make-up is a hot makeup trend summer 2010. A natural look is about flawless skin so it is important that you take everyday care of your skin to keep it looking it’s best. Don’t forget to clean you face daily and to protect your skin from the harmful, aging effects of the sun. And while putting make up – use right foundation tone.

Flawless skin, little mascara, bare lips and a mineral foundation – the bases of the Natural Looking Make-up trend summer 2010.

for winter type

for spring type

for summer type

for autumn type

Nude Make-up trends summer 2010

Nude Make-up is the most difficult to achieve because you have to have a pretty face and look good without make-up also. All make-up colors are brown, beige and pink – natural as you can see. One important detail Nude Make-up: lips stay matte.

NO gloss, no glows. As the result you get very feminine and natural looking face.

Disco Make-up trends summer 2010

Disco Make-up trends summer 2010 fits a combination of pink and brown, blue-pink, lilac-blue. In this look satin or textured metallic eyelids meet a sophisticated game of shadows. Colors must be added until the brow line. The blush has to be bright pink, and lipstick pink pearl.

Find your own look fitting you the most, and strike this summer!

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