Like many cosmetics brands originated in Sweden IsaDora is positioning itself at the market as a manufacturer of high quality make-up at affordable prices. Recently IsaDora has introduced a new makeup summer collection called IsaDora Papagayo 2012 with summer motifs in the tropical paradise.

IsaDora Papagayo Summer Makeup Collection 2012

Papagayo is a region in the Pacific Ocean in northwestern Costa Rica considered to be unique in its beauty and climate. It is remarkable for warm waves of the bay, the scent of plants, the wealth of fauna and flora and the friendliness of local people and of course for bright colors. Fantastic and precious shades – both underwater and on land: fish, corals, algae, birds, animals, flowers, trees . Papagayo is a dream and a feast for the eyes. IsaDora brand features this amazing region, as well as its brightest inhabitants – tropical parrots in its new summer collection.

The range of IsaDora Makeup products from Papagayo 2012 includes eyeshadows, eye pens lipsticks, lip glosses, lip liners, nail polish and mascaras for eyelashes and hair.

IsaDora Treasure Iceland Eyeshadow Trio

Eyeshadows are represented by a trio called Treasure Iceland Eyeshadow Trio. The eyeshadow palette features three fabulous shiny hues which can be used both individually or in a combination. The palette’s violet, gold and blue shades can match any skin tones, especially suntanned.

IsaDora Perfect Moisture Lipstick and Twist-Up Metallic Eye Pen

The eye pen presented Twist-Up Metallic Eye Pen and is available in two hues, which bear the names Paradise Green and Blue Hawaii.

The lipsticks of IsaDora named Perfect Moisture Lipstick will not only adorn your lips with the perfect colors but also give them an extra moisture. The new collection offers two hues called Coral Glow and Tropical Blue.

IsaDora Perfect Lip Liner

The Lip Glosses in Papagayo 2012 have also the moisturizing formula and bear the same names, so that they perfectly match the corresponding lipsticks.

The lips care is crowned with Perfect Lip Liners of two hues: Tropical Blue and Mandarins. The lips makeup is accompanied with Wonder Nail Polish in four hues: Papagayo Blue, Green Paradise, Hot Hibiscus, Bird of Paradise; and Mascaras in 2 hues of tropical style: Royal Blue, Green Turquoise.

IsaDora Wonder Nail Polish


And those who purchase 2 products from IsaDora Papagayo Summer 2012 Collection will get three tropical styled Papagayo Charm Bracelets for FREE.

IsaDora Papagayo 3 Bracelets Summer 2012

IsaDora Makeup from the new Summer collection 2012 doesn’t put an emphasis on strict adherence to seasonal trends but focuses on simple and pure colors. The collection is going to be limited and will be available late in April 2012.

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