New form for the timepiece is coming in 2011 from Hamilton. It is interesting concept to insert a watch into lipstick. The idea sounds really cool and creative. From the first sight, when you see a watch case outside of lipstick tube is made from metal. If you twist the cylinder it will show you the second time zone. The movement of the watch is high quality Swiss quartz.

Hamilton Lipstick Watch for Ladies is going to attract the young generation for sure, especially girls less than 20 years old. But maybe this guess is coming from too critical opinion. We will discover it soon anyway. The pink color of the dials requires certain taste of the wearer.

It is not a mistake, you can wear Hamilton Lipstick. This is one step to the side of convenience after unusual design of this watch. The company suggestion is a neckband made of leather that turns a small stick into coulomb; you can tight the strap to the belt or try to look stylish wearing it on the wrist. It will be hard to protect the watch from scratches if to keep it in a handbag.

This creation of Hamilton will need a special owner, because for sure someone will find it unacceptable and odd, but the other will emphasize her individuality with her own way of wearing it.

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