Popular brand ORLY is gaining popularity as early as 30 years. Today we can say that it was “a classic that has become a legend.”

Fame was due to the production of exquisite collection of colored lacquers for the so-called French manicure and other cosmetic products for nail care: nail hardener, compounds containing calcium, drugs, preventing brittle nails. The company is a pioneer of a popular series of nail care as color lakes “French manicure”, “Romeo”, “Ridzhfiller”, “Van drop” (“Drop”), “Sanskrin and other.

New Year’s holidays is a period of new bright images in clothes, hair and nails done. ORLY invites all the girls to dream about and recommends the brilliant shades of paints to decorate nails!

The company’s specialists ORLY released a terrific product – Festive Collection ‘Tis the Season’ by ORLY. The collection includes in it shades the actual color of winter: white fluffy snow, green everlasting oil, gold Christmas tree decorations. They will decorate holiday manicure at this 2011 year! Shimmering texture of red, gold, violet, cherry, pure white and green paints will help you to paint the holiday’s bright hues, reflecting the positive mood on the nails and the joy of the holiday season.

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