You have no experience or sense in applying eye shades? Relax and forget about it! EyeEnvy presented new unique ColorON shadows. The system of applying is the most revolutionary thing about the EyeEnvy new ColorON Eyeshadows. The instant eyeshadow applicator allows to fully apply the shadow on your eyelid. That’s why you can save the time while going out for a night or wherever.

Moreover the EyeEnvy new ColorON eyeshadows are made of pure minerals which smooth and moisturize the vulnerable eyelid skin. The shades also have light-reflecting pigment which together with the funky prints makes make up quick and bold.

Of course you may ask: all women are different and have different eyelid shape. But this was thought out yet. The applicator is flexible and fits even Asian type. With this new system of make up applying be ready to answer people in what salon have you made this gorgeous and profession looking make up.

The range of shadow sticker’s colors is wide enough: you can choose from natural and minimal make-up, 2 and 3-toned eye shadow combinations and even animal print, or create a glamorous look for evening with the smoky eyes effect. The EyeEnvy new ColorON Eyeshadows has an oval sticker which should be apply it on your both eyelids as the sticker bears a sufficient amount of shadow. All you should do is to press on your eyelid, rub with your finger the sticker surface. And be ready to get the exact design shifted on your lid when removing the sticker.

Try the new product and forget the morning rush, nerves while preparing. The XXI century – the new make up techniques!

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