Girls adore chocolate. This is an axiom. I know that chocolate can be deep brown when it is a dark bar, or light-brown when it is milk chocolate. The thing girls dream about is how to wear it on the lips?  When I was a little girl I used to cover my lips with choco bar while eating it. And then I always looked at the mirror to check the result. Seems that Jane Iredale cosmetic designer did the same. In 2009 she has created Choco lipgloss set. And now she presents new Chocoholicks 2011 by Jane Iredale for the coming 2012 year.

One can find fine choco-like flavors in a vintage chocolate bar box, featuring lip brush for Chocoholicks 2011 lipgloss application and touch-ups. The set’s palette is composed of four tasty colors.

First comes Blood Orange (remember that orange was chosen as a fashion color for 2012 year). This is a glittering copper lipgloss mixing dark chocolate flavors and bold blood orange tone.

Pay attention to Espresso tone Chocoholicks by Jane Iredale. With this lipgloss you would certainly feel the rich mocha taste. And its deep brown tone suits blondes the best!

Jane Iredale never forgets the brunettes too who love plums in chocolate. Very Berry is the very color for the hot women. And the last in the bar goes Chili Pepper. This deep lipgloss combines dark chocolate with exotic chilies – a bold mix of spice and sweetness.

What is more about Chocoholicks 2011 by Jane Iredale is its amazing smell. Opening the set is like popping into a candy shop! Try the New Year 2011  Chocoholicks collection with which you’ll never be overweighed!


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