Bourjois Paris has recently presented new eye pencil Bourjois Smoky Eyes Trios – perfect decision for smoky eyes effect.

With new Bourjois Smoky Eyes Trios you can get that mystic smoky eyes effect in two slight movements! To tell the truth we, women, get bored by the eye shadows that need more time to be applied nattily on the eyelid. And you can’t always do it perfectly, especially if you are in a hurry.

So the usage of the eye Bourjois Smoky Eyes pencil has a couple of advantages: you are ready with your smoky eyes make-up in several seconds and, that is more, your make up stay with you all day long.

Bourjois Smoky Eyes Trios has two sides: a traditional eye pencil from one side; and a special brush from the other. Smooth cream like Bourjois Smoky Eyes Trios pencil structure creates wonderful shadow on the whole eyelid.

Smoky Eyes rules by Bourjois pencil:


you create a legible line near the eyelashes growth line in one movement

step 2

you blend the line with the brush on the opposite side of Bourjois Smoky Eyes Trios pencil and get that mystic smoky eye effect.

You can choose from the five Bourjois Smoky Eyes Trios colors:

Intense Black (perfect for brunettes with fair skin),

Smoked Brown (ideal for chestnut head and red-headed),

Dark Purple (for brunettes as well as for colored hair),

Deep Green (for chestnut head and blonds),

Grey Shadow (for brunettes and blonds with light-blue or grey eyes).

To conclude the advantage of the easy cleaning off the skin brings the sub-charm the new Bourjois Smoky Eyes Trios pencils for smoky eyes.

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