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IsaDora Papagayo Summer Makeup Collection 2012

Apr.25, 2012

Like many cosmetics brands originated in Sweden IsaDora is positioning itself at the market as a manufacturer of high quality make-up at affordable prices. Recently IsaDora has introduced a new makeup summer collection called IsaDora Papagayo 2012 with summer motifs in the tropical paradise.

IsaDora Papagayo Summer Makeup Collection 2012

Papagayo is a region in the Pacific Ocean in northwestern Costa Rica considered to be unique in its beauty and climate. It is remarkable for warm waves of the bay, the scent of plants, the wealth of fauna and flora and the friendliness of local people and of course for bright colors. Fantastic and precious shades – both underwater and on land: fish, corals, algae, birds, animals, flowers, trees . Papagayo is a dream and a feast for the eyes. IsaDora brand features this amazing region, as well as its brightest inhabitants – tropical parrots in its new summer collection.

The range of IsaDora Makeup products from Papagayo 2012 includes eyeshadows, eye pens lipsticks, lip glosses, lip liners, nail polish and mascaras for eyelashes and hair. Read More »

Chocoholicks 2011 by Jane Iredale – Choco lipgloss set

Dec.28, 2011

Girls adore chocolate. This is an axiom. I know that chocolate can be deep brown when it is a dark bar, or light-brown when it is milk chocolate. The thing girls dream about is how to wear it on the lips?  When I was a little girl I used to cover my lips with choco bar while eating it. And then I always looked at the mirror to check the result. Seems that Jane Iredale cosmetic designer did the same. In 2009 she has created Choco lipgloss set. And now she presents new Chocoholicks 2011 by Jane Iredale for the coming 2012 year. Read More »

EyeEnvy new ColorON Eyeshadows – Revolution in shadow applying

Nov.29, 2011

You have no experience or sense in applying eye shades? Relax and forget about it! EyeEnvy presented new unique ColorON shadows. The system of applying is the most revolutionary thing about the EyeEnvy new ColorON Eyeshadows. The instant eyeshadow applicator allows to fully apply the shadow on your eyelid. That’s why you can save the time while going out for a night or wherever. Read More »

Estee Lauder Eye Shadow Duos and Palettes – perfect Fall 2011 Make up

Sep.05, 2011

Hello autumn 2011! What interesting have you brought to us? Aha, let’s see… New Estee Lauder Eye Shadow Duos and Palettes is the best present to your eyes for fall 2011 season. With these new eyeshades you can create your eye colour and their shape staying voguish and beauty-conscious!

Estee Lauder Eye Shadow Duos and Palettes range was launched and re-invented again. This time the collection is for those who are kin on elegant look and classic sparkle in their fall 2011 makeup. Pick the most suitable from a wide range of the new Estee Lauder Eye Shadow Duos and Palettes shades with textures.

The revolutionary Estee Lauder eye shadow beauty formula is its complicated textures and brand pigments. Only these elements bring that special chic to the Estee Lauder make up. But be aware that this collection is not for vibrant hues seekers. But instead universally flattering shades you can wear for any event. Read More »

Top 5 Homemade Skin Facials for Fall

Aug.23, 2011

Top 5 Homemade Skin Facials for Fall

To prepare your complexion for harsh weather conditions expected in fall, it’s necessary to add some vitamins from natural ingredients into your daily ration. It will provide your skin cells with safe protection. There are a number of nutritive homemade facial masks which can balance your complexion through harmful wind and dust. Perfect components to pamper the skin with healthy minerals and vitamins are different seeds, fruits and vegetables. The main aim is to give beauty and glow to your skin during those rainy and dull days, and homemade facial masks can help you to achieve the effect. Read More »

NARS Highlighting Powder Blush Review

Aug.01, 2011

New NARS Highlighting Powder summer 2011 can be described as a soft pink blush with gold and silver glitter. It’s a cool-based baby pink colour filled with gold and silver shimmer. From the outer look the blush is gorgeously framed in its pan and kindly invites you to buy it, but for those who have slightly darker than medium skin tone the NARS Highlighting Powder might be avoided. Anyway, I would never resist such a voluptuous pink shade. Read More »

Paul & Joe Over the Moon lipstick collection

Jun.28, 2011

Are you man about cat? I am sure this is it. Because many men compare girls with kitty and that is why women try to resemble this gorgeous animal. Paul & Joe has also prepared a cute surprise for the girls – Paul & Joe Over the Moon lipstick collection.

All the pieces of the Paul & Joe Over the Moon lipstick collection have the kitty head shape. This cool and a bit freaky decision made Paul & Joe Over the Moon lipstick collection very popular. Read More »

Opulent Eyes – Face of Australia Eyeshadows Limited Edition

May.09, 2011

Create a new world of glam with the new Opulent Eyes Face of Australia Eyeshadows. This Face of Australia Eyeshadows Limited Edition is the most eloquent of seasonal shades. Do think oven can’t bring you nothing but headache and waste of time in the kitchen? NO!

Opulent Eyes Face of Australia Eyeshadows Limited Edition are oven baked formula eyeshadows which brighten your eyes with sophisticated color and release rich, velvety finish. Read More »

L’Oreal Double Extend Eye Illuminator mascara – Mascara for special occasions

Apr.22, 2011

Nowadays lots of women want to look pretty, even more they wish to be real beauties. They use different beauty or healthcare products for this purpose, for example care cosmetics and decorative ones. Ladies buy best creams, lotions, perfumes, lipsticks, gels, deodorants, eye and facial makeup. Read More »

New Little Round Pot Eyeshadow by Bourjois

Mar.05, 2011

Good news for those who admires Bourjois eyeshadows – the company made new release of the old collection, so the shades received a new life with a stylish décor and eight new shades appeared to join this collection.

Many ladies prefer Bourjois Little Round Pot because of their convenient pack with perfect size of the mirror and special applicator, little curved handle of it that fits to the place on the top of the shades. Read More »

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